Tag: Electric Field

Electric Field Simulation Method

Electric Field Simulation Method: Electric Field Simulation Method – Charge Simulation Method (CSM) belongs to the family of integral methods for calculation of electric fields. There are two variations of this method: CSM with discrete charges and CSM with area charges. CSM with discrete charges is based on the principle that the real surface charges […]

Electric Field Equation

Electric Field Equation: Electric Field Equation – In recent years, several numerical methods for solving partial differential equations which include Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations have become available. There are inherent difficulties in solving these equations for two or three dimensional fields with complex boundary conditions, or for insulating materials with different permittivities and/or conductivities. Proper […]

Electric Stress Control

Electric Stress Control: The Electric Stress Control distribution is usually governed by the Poisson’s equation: where φ is the potential at a given point, ρ is the space charge density in the region, and ε0 is the electric permittivity of free space (vacuum). However, in most of the high voltage apparatus, space charges are not normally […]

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