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Two Quadrant Chopper

Two Quadrant Chopper: Sometimes a chopper may be required to provide a two quadrant operation by retaining the current direction in both motoring and braking modes. Such a Two Quadrant Chopper is shown in Fig. 3.86, and its waveforms in Fig. 3.87. The chopper permits a change in the polarity of terminal voltage keeping the […]

Chopper Circuit with Input Inductance

Chopper Circuit with Input Inductance: The preceding discussion of the chopper assumes ideal conditions and does not consider the effects of inductances in series with the thyristors. With choppers of large power, the leads connecting the Chopper Circuit to the supply have a definite amount of inductance (Le). Also, reactors are placed in series with […]

Electric Converter

Electric Converter: Electric Converter – The speed of a dc motor can be varied by varying the armature voltage or the field current, for which a variable dc supply is required. The speed of an ac motor, on the other hand, can be varied by varying its supply frequency. In order to achieve the rated […]

DC Motor Control through Choppers

DC Motor Control through Choppers: DC Motor Control through Choppers – For controlling a dc motor operated from dc supply, the dc voltage level must be controlled. Examples can be cited of subway drives, trolley buses or battery-operated vehicles. Conventional methods of converting a fixed-voltage dc source to a variable-voltage dc source are: Resistance Control […]