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8085 Microprocessor Architecture

8085 Microprocessor Architecture: Fig. 1.1 shows the 8085 Microprocessor Architecture. It consists of various functional blocks as listed below : Registers Arithmetic and Logic Unit Instruction decoder and machine cycle encoder Address buffer Address/Data buffer Incrementer/Decrementer Address Latch Interrupt control Serial I/O control Timing and control circuitry. Registers It has eight addressable 8-bit registers : […]

8085 Microprocessor Features

8085 Microprocessor Features: The features of 8085 Microprocessor include : 1.It is an 8-bit microprocessor i.e. it can accept, process, or provide 8-bit data simultaneously. 2.It operates on a single +5V power supply connected at Vcc; power supply ground is connected to Vss. 3.It operates on clock cycle with 50% duty cycle. 4.It has on […]

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