Special Electrical Machines Important Questions and Answers

Special Electrical Machines Important Questions and Answers:

1. What is Electronic Commutation?


Power electronic switching devices used in commutator with the utilization of position sensor are known as electronic commutation.

2. What is PMBLDC machine?


PMBLDC – Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Machine, DC motors with solid state switches performing the function of commutation and that too brushless making these maintenance free motors are known as PMBLDC.

3. Define Synchronous reluctance.


The stator has a 3Φ symmetrical winding, which creates sinusoidal rotating magnetic field in the air gap and reluctance torque is developed because the induced magnetic field in the rotor has a tendency to cause the rotor to align with the stator field at a minimum reluctance position and stator rotates at synchronous speed.