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Circuits – Alessandro Volta Invented first Basic Circuit in 1880 by using Battery and Electrodes

Power Systems – World’s First Power System invented by two Electricians in 1881 in England

High Voltage – World’s First High Voltage AC Power Station was invented by Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti in London in 20th Century

Electronics Communication – Stephen Grey began discovered Electronic Communication in 1729

Integrated Circuits – In 1958, Kilby invented and demonstrated first working IC

Electronics Instrumentation – In 1928, Maurice Martenot the first Electronics Instrumentation and demonstrated in Paris

Network Analysis – In 1930, Several Field members invented Network Analysis

Electronic Devices – J.A. Fleming invented first Vacuum Diode in 1897 and implemented by Lee De Forest to amplify electrical signals

Modern Power Systems – It is electric power system to supply of Electri Power

Electrical Drives – DC electric motor is the first Electrical Drives invented by B. S. Iakobi in Russia in 1838

Electrical Machines – In 1832, British scientist William Sturgeon first invented DC electric motor

Power System Protection – It is the protection of electrical power systems from faults

Microprocessor – Intel 4004 is the first Microprocessor invented in 1971