Electronics Engineering Basics of Electronics EngineeringIntroduction to Electronics Engineering
Electron DynamicsElectron EmissionElectron Tubes
Semiconductor PhysicsTheory of PN Junction DiodesZener Diode Terminals
RectifiersBJT TransistorHybrid Parameters
Transistor Biasing and StabilizationFET TransistorSingle Stage Transistor Amplifiers
Amplifier Frequency ResponseMultistage AmplifiersLarge Signal or Power Amplifiers
Tuned AmplifierFeedback AmplifiersDifferential Amplifiers
Sinusoidal OscillatorsModulation and DemodulationDigital Communication System
Communication ChannelsOptoelectronic DevicesPower Semiconductor Devices
Power ConvertersPulse SignalsLinear Wave Shaping
Non Linear Wave ShapingSwitching CircuitsOperational Amplifiers and their Parameters
OP-AMP with Negative FeedbackFrequency Response of OP-AMPOperational Transconductance Amplifier
Regulated and Switching Power SuppliesDigital Logic FamiliesCathode Ray Oscilloscope
Microprocessors and Applications 8085 Architecture8085 Programming Model
Instruction Set and Programming 80858085 Based System Design8085 Interrupts
Intel 8086 Microprocessor8086 Instruction SetAssembly Language Programming
8086 interrupts8086 Basic ConfigurationsMicrocontroller 8031 and 8051
16 Bit MicrocontrollerInterfacing ICsInterfacing with Microprocessors
Electronic Instrumentation Qualities of MeasurementIndicators and Display Devices
AmmetersVoltmeters and MultimetersDigital Voltmeters
Digital InstrumentsOscilloscopeSignal Generator in Electronic Instrumentation
Wave AnalyzerMeasuring InstrumentsBridges
RecordersTransducersSignal Conditioning
FiltersMeasurement Set upData Acquisition
Data TransmissionMeasurement of PowerControl Systems
Principles of Power System Electrical Energy in Power SystemGenerating Stations in Power System
Variable Load on Power StationEconomics of Power GenerationTariff in Power System
Power FactorSupply Systems in Power SystemMechanical Design of Overhead Lines
Electrical Design of Overhead LinesPerformance of Transmission LinesUnderground Cables in Power System
Distribution SystemsDC DistributionAC Distribution
Voltage ControlSwitchgearSymmetrical Fault
Unsymmetrical FaultCircuit BreakersFuses
Protective RelaysProtection of Alternators and TransformersProtection of Busbars and Lines
Overvoltage ProtectionSubstation in Power SystemNeutral Grounding
Modern Power System Introduction to Modern Power SystemInductance and Resistance
Capacitance of Transmission LinesPower System ComponentsPerformance of Power Transmission
Load Flow StudiesOptimal SystemAutomation Generation
Symmetrical Fault AnalysisSymmetrical ComponentsUnsymmetrical Fault Analysis
Power System StabilityPower System SecurityState Estimation of Power System
Compensation in Power SystemSymmetrical ComponentsVoltage Stability
Electronic Communication Systems Introduction to Communication SystemsNoise in Communication Systems
Amplitude ModulationSingle Sideband TechniquesFrequency Modulation Basic Theory
Radio ReceiversTransmission LinesRadiation and Propagation of Waves
Antennas in Electronic CommunicationResonators and WaveguidesMicrowave Tubes and Circuits
Semiconductor Microwave DevicesPulse CommunicationDigital Communications
Broadband Communications SystemsRadar Systems and Television SystemFiber Optic Communication
Network Analysis and Synthesis Basics of Network AnalysisLaplace Formula
S Domain AnalysisFrequency Domain AnalysisNetwork Topology
Two Port NetworkElements of Network SynthesisFour Terminal Network
Filters in Network AnalysisAttenuator in Network Analysis and Synthesis
Electrical Machines Introduction to Electrical MachinesMagnetic Circuits and Induction
TransformersElectromechanical EnergyRotating Machines
Armature WindingsDC MachinesSynchronous Machine
Induction MachineFractional Kilowatt MotorsMotor Control
Circuits and Networks Circuit ElementsMethods of Circuit Analysis
Circuit Analysis TheoremsAlternating Currents and VoltagesComplex Impedance
Power and Power FactorSteady State AC AnalysisResonance
Polyphase CircuitsCoupled CircuitsDifferential Equations
TransientsLaplace TransformsNetwork Functions
Two Port NetworkFilters
High Voltage Engineering High Voltage IntroductionConduction and Breakdown in Gases
Conduction and Breakdown in Liquid DielectricsBreakdown in Solid DielectricsApplications of Insulating Materials
Generation of High Voltage and CurrentsMeasurement of High Voltage and CurrentsOvervoltage
Testing of MaterialsHigh Voltage Testing of Electrical ApparatusHigh Voltage Laboratory Design
Electronic Devices and Circuits SemiconductorSemiconductor Diodes
Diode ApplicationsBipolar Junction TransistorsBJT Biasing
AC Analysis of BJT CircuitsIC FabricationBJT Specifications
Field Effect TransistorsFet BiasingAC Analysis of FET Circuits
Small Signal AmplifiersAmplifiers with Negative FeedbackIC Operational Amplifiers
Operational Amplifier Frequency ResponseSignal Generators in Electronic DevicesLinear and Switching Voltage Regulators
Audio Power AmplifiersThyristors in Electronic Devices and CircuitsOptoelectronic Devices
Power Plant Engineering Coal Based Thermal Power PlantsDiesel, Gas turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plants
Nuclear Power PlantPower from Renewable EnergyEnergy, Economic and Environmental issues of Power Plants
Integrated Circuits Fabrication of Integrated Circuits
Linear Integrated CircuitsDigital Integrated Circuits
Fundamentals of Electrical Drives Electrical Drives IntroductionDynamics of Electrical Drives
Control of Electrical DrivesMotor Power RatingDC Motor Drives
Induction Motor DrivesSynchronous Motor and Brushless DC Motor DrivesStepper Motor and Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
Solar and Battery Powered DrivesTraction DrivesEnergy Conservation in Electrical Drives
Electric Drives Characteristics of Electric MotorsDynamic Electric
Converters for Electric MotorsControl of Electric MotorsRating and Heating of Motors
Control Techniques for Electric DrivesApplications of DrivesMicroprocessors and Control of Electric Drives
Power System Protection and Switchgear Introduction to Protective RelaysProtection Principles and Components
Working Principle of RelayApplication of RelayFeeder Protection Relay
Apparatus Protection in Power SystemAuto Reclosing Circuit BreakerTesting and Maintenance of Protective Gear
Static Protective RelayBasic Components of Static RelaysComparators in Power System
Basic Static Relays in Protective SystemTheory of Circuit InterruptionCircuit Constants in Relation to Circuit Breaking
Conventional Circuit BreakerBasic Consideration for Design of Circuit BreakersTesting of Circuit Breakers