Digital Signal Processing Important Questions and Answers

Digital Signal Processing Important Questions and Answers:

1. What is FET? What is its advantage?


The FET is a method for computing the discrete fourier transform with reduced number of calculations

Advantage: Number of complex additions and multiplications are reduced.

2. What is the need for employing window for designing FIR filter?


The windows are finite duration sequences used to modify the impulse response of the FIR filters in order to reduce the ripples in pass band and stop band, and also to achieve the desired transition from pass band to stop band.

3. What is function of parallel logic unit in DSP processor?


The PLU is an additional logic unit, that permits logic operations without affecting accumulator or product register. It performs Boolean operations or bit manipulations. It can set, clear, test or toggle bits in the status register, control register and in any date memory location.