1. 3 Phase Induction Motor Construction
  2. Braking and 4 quadrants Operation
  3. Chopper Fed DC Drives
  4. Chopper Resistance in the Rotor Circuit
  5. Commutation in DC Motor
  6. Control of DC Electric Motor
  7. Current Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
  8. Current Source Inverter Fed Synchronous Motor Drive
  9. Current Source Inverter with Forced Commutation
  10. Cycloconverter Feeding Three Phase Induction Motor Drive
  11. DC Motor Basic Machine Equation
  12. Derating Factor of an Electric Motor
  13. Methods to Leading Power Factor
  14. Performance of DC Motors Operating on Phase Controlled Converters
  15. Pulse Width Modulated Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
  16. Reversible Drive using Armature Current Reversal
  17. Reversible Drive using Dual Converter
  18. Reversible Drive using Field Reversal
  19. Reversible Drives using Choppers
  20. Reversible Drives using Phase Controlled Converters
  21. Single Phase DC Series Motor Drives
  22. Single Phase Separately Excited DC Motor Drives
  23. Speed Control of Variable Frequency Induction Motor
  24. Speed Control Using Slip Energy Recovery Schemes
  25. Square Wave Voltage Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
  26. Starting Methods of Synchronous Motor for LCI
  27. Static Scherbius Drive
  28. Synchronous Motor Drives
  29. Synchronous Speed on Variable Frequency Supply
  30. Three Phase Drives
  31. Three Phase Synchronous Motor Fed From Cycloconverter
  32. Voltage Source Inverter Fed Synchronous Motor Drive
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