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Sequence Networks Unsymmetrical Faults

Sequence Networks Unsymmetrical Faults: The analysis of an unsymmetrical fault by symmetrical components method can be conveniently done by drawing sequence networks. A Sequence Networks Unsymmetrical Faults of a particular sequence current in a given power system is the path for the flow of that sequence current in the system. It is composed of impedances […]

Analysis of Unsymmetrical Faults

Analysis of Unsymmetrical Faults: In the Analysis of Unsymmetrical Faults, the following assumptions will be made : The generated e.m.f. system is of positive sequence only. No current flows in the network other than due to fault e. load currents are neglected. The impedance of the fault is zero. Phase R shall be taken as […]

Sequence Impedance of Power System

Sequence Impedance of Power System: Each element of power system will offer impedance to different phase sequence components of current which may not be the same. For example, the impedance which any piece of equipment offers to positive sequence current will not necessarily be the same as offered to negative sequence current or zero sequence […]

Unbalanced Phase Current

Unbalanced Phase Current: The Unbalanced Phase Current in a 3-phase system can be expressed in terms of symmetrical components as under : Fig. 18.6 shows the vector representation of symmetrical components. It is usually profitable in calculations to express the symmetrical components in terms of Unbalanced Phase Current. Let us express the symmetrical components of […]

Unsymmetrical Faults on Three Power System

Unsymmetrical Faults on Three Power System: Those faults on the power system which give rise to unsymmetrical fault currents (i.e. unequal fault currents in the lines with unequal phase displacement) are known as Unsymmetrical Faults on Three Power System. On the occurrence of an Unsymmetrical Faults on Three Power System, the currents in the three […]