Nuclear Power Station

Nuclear Power Station: A generating station in which nuclear energy is converted into electrical energy is known as a nuclear power station. In nuclear power station, heavy elements such as Uranium (U235) or Thorium (Th232) are sub­jected to nuclear fission in a special apparatus known as a reactor. The heat energy thus released is utilised […]

Diesel Power Station

Diesel Power Station: A generating station in which diesel engine is used as the prime mover for the generation of electrical energy is known as diesel power station. In a diesel power station, diesel engine is used as the prime mover. The diesel burns inside the engine and the products of this combustion act as the “working fluid” […]

Hydroelectric Power Station

Hydroelectric Power Station: A Generating station which utilizes the potential energy of water at a high level for the generation of electrical energy is known as a Hydroelectric Power Station Hydroelectric Power Station stations are generally located in hilly areas where dams can be built conve­niently and large water reservoirs can be obtained. In a Hydroelectric […]

Steam Turbine Efficiency

Steam Turbine Efficiency: Steam Turbine Efficiency – The overall efficiency of a steam power station is quite low (about 29%) due mainly to two reasons. Firstly, a huge amount of heat is lost in the condenser and secondly heat losses occur at various stages of the plant. The heat lost in the condenser, cannot be […]

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