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Noise Temperature in Communication System

Noise Temperature in Communication System: The concept of noise figure, although frequently used, is not always the most convenient measure of noise, particularly in dealing with UHF and microwave low-noise antennas, receivers or devices. Controversy exists regarding which is the better all-around measurement, but noise Noise Temperature in Communication System, derived from early work in […]

Noise Figure in Communication System

Noise Figure in Communication System: The Noise Figure in Communication System are namely, 1.Signal to Noise Ratio: The calculation of the equivalent noise resistance of an amplifier, receiver or device may have one of two purposes or sometimes both. The first purpose is comparison of two kinds of equipment in evaluating their performance. The second is […]

Noise Calculation in Electronic Communication System

Noise Calculation in Electronic Communication System: The Noise Calculation in Electronic Communication System are namely, 1.Addition of Noise due to Several Sources: Let’s assume there are two sources of thermal agitation noise generators in series: Vn1 = √4kT δf R1 and Vn2 = √4kT δf R2. The sum of two such rms voltages in series is given by […]

Internal Noise in Communication System

Internal Noise in Communication System: Under the heading of Internal Noise in Communication System, we discuss noise created by any of the active or passive devices found in receivers. Such noise is generally random, impossible to treat on an individual voltage basis, but easy to observe and describe statistically. Because the noise is randomly distributed […]

External Noise in Communication System

External Noise in Communication System: The various forms of External Noise in Communication System created outside the receiver are namely 1. Atmospheric Noise, 2. Extraterrestrial Noise, Solar noise Cosmic noise 3. Industrial Noise.   1.Atmospheric Noise: Perhaps the best way to become acquainted with atmospheric noise is to listen to shortwaves on a receiver which […]