Fusion Definition

Fusion Definition: Fusion Definition : Energy is produced in this process by the combination of two light nuclei to form a single heavier one under sustained conditions of extremely high temperatures (in millions of degree centigrade). Fusion is futuristic. Generation of electricity via fusion would solve the long-term energy needs of the world with minimum […]

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant: Nuclear Power Plant – With the end of coal reserves in sight in the not too distant future, the immediate practical alternative source of large scale electric energy generation is nuclear energy. In fact, the developed countries have already switched over in a big way to the use of nuclear energy for […]

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Hydroelectric Power Generation: Hydroelectric Power Generation – Generation The oldest and cheapest method of Hydroelectric Power Generation is that of utilizing the potential energy of water. The energy is obtained almost free of running cost and is completely pollution free. Of course, it involves high capital cost because of the heavy civil engineering construction works […]

Gas Turbines Power Plant

Gas Turbines Power Plant: Gas Turbines Power Plant – With increasing availability of natural gas (methane) (recent finds in Bangladesh) prime movers based on gas turbines have been developed on the lines similar to those used in aircraft. Gas combustion generates high temperatures and pressures, so that the efficiency of the gas turbine is comparable […]

Cogeneration Definition

Cogeneration Definition: Cogeneration Definition – Considering the tremendous amount of waste heat generated in thermal power generation, it is advisable to save fuel by the simultaneous generation of electricity and steam (or hot water) for industrial use or space heating. Now called cogeneration, such systems have long been common, here and abroad. Currently, there is […]

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