Input Output Transfer Techniques

Input Output Transfer Techniques: In Input Output Transfer Techniques, the system requires the transfer of data between external circuitry and the microprocessor. In this section, we will discuss different ways of I/O transfer. Program controlled I/O or Polling control . Interrupt program controlled I/O or interrupt driven I/O. Hardware controlled I/O. I/O controlled by Handshake […]

Input Output Interfacing Techniques

Input Output Interfacing Techniques: The most of the microprocessors support isolated I/O system. It partitions memory from I/O, via software, by having instructions that specifically access (address) memory, and others that specifically access I/O. When these instructions are decoded by the microprocessor, an appropriate control signal is generated to activate either memory or I/O operation. […]

Input Output Interfacing 8085 Microprocessor

Input Output Interfacing 8085 Microprocessor: Any application of a microprocessor based system requires the transfer of data between external circuitry to the microprocessor and microprocessor to the external circuitry. User can give information to the microprocessor using keyboard and user can see the result or output information from the microprocessor with the help of display […]

Memory Interfacing in 8085

Memory Interfacing in 8085: Memory is an integral part of a microprocessor system, and in this section, we will discuss how to interface a memory device with the microprocessor. The Memory Interfacing in 8085 is used to access memory quite frequently to read instruction codes and data stored in memory. This read/write operations are monitored […]

Supporting Circuits of 8085 Microprocessor

Supporting Circuits of 8085 Microprocessor: In this section, we are going to see supporting circuits such as clock circuit, reset circuit, demultiplexer circuit, and circuit required for generation of control signals. In this section, we are going to see these additional circuits and their operation in connection with Supporting Circuits of 8085 Microprocessor. Clock Circuits: […]