Differential Output Transducer

Differential Output Transducer: The Differential Output Transducer consists of a coil which is divided into two parts, as shown in Figs. 13.17(a) and (b). (Inductive transducers using self inductance as a variable use one coil, while those using mutual inductance as a variable use multiple coils.)  Normally the change in self inductance, ΔL, for inductive […]

Inductive Transducer Definition

Inductive Transducer Definition: Inductive Transducer Definition may be either of the self generating or the passive type. The self generating type utilises the basic electrical generator principle, i.e. a motion between a conductor and magnetic field induces a voltage in the conductor (generator action). This relative motion between the field and the conductor is supplied […]

Thermistor Circuit

Thermistor Circuit: Thermistor Circuit – The electrical resistance of most materials changes with temperature. By selecting materials that are very temperature sensitive, devices that are useful in temperature control circuits and for temperature measurements can be made. Thermistor (THERMally sensitive resISTOR) are non-metallic resistors (semiconductor material), made by sintering mixtures of metallic oxides such as […]

Resistance Thermometer Transducer

Resistance Thermometer Transducer: The resistance of a conductor changes when its temperature is changed. This property is utilised for the measurement of temperature. The Resistance Thermometer Transducer is an instrument used to measure electrical resistance in terms of temperature, i.e. it uses the change in the electrical resistance of the conductor to determine the temperature. […]

Strain Gauge Transducer Types

Strain Gauge Transducer Types: Strain Gauge Transducer Types are three types, namely 1.Wire Strain Gauges 2.Foil Strain Gauge 3.Semiconductor Strain Gauge 1.Wire Strain Gauges: Wire Strain Gauges has three types namely, Grid type Rossette type Torque type Helical type The grid arrangement of the wire element in a bonded strain gauge creates a problem not […]

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