Triggered Sweep Circuit

Triggered Sweep Circuit: Figure 7.13 shows a Delay Line in Triggered Sweep Circuit. Figure 7.14 indicates the amplitude of the signal wrt time and the relative position of the sweep generator output signal. The diagram shows that when the delay line is not used, the initial part of the signal is lost and only part […]

Trigger Pulse Generator Circuit

Trigger Pulse Generator Circuit: The Trigger Pulse Generator Circuit is activated by signals of a variety of shapes and amplitudes, which are converted to trigger pulses of uniform amplitude for the precision sweep operation. If the trigger level is set too low, the trigger generator will not operate. On the other hand, if the level […]

Vertical Amplifier

Vertical Amplifier: Vertical Amplifier – The sensitivity (gain) and frequency bandwidth (B.W.) response characteristics of the oscilloscope are mainly determined by the vertical amplifier. Since the gain B.W. product is constant, to obtain a greater sensitivity the B.W. is nar­rowed, or vice-versa. Some oscilloscopes give two alternatives, switching to a wide bandwidth position, and switching […]

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