Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit

Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit: Consider the Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit circuit shown in Fig. 6-17. When the capacitors are regarded as ac short-circuits, it is seen that the circuit input terminals are the transistor base and emitter, and the output terminals are the collector and the emitter. So, the emitter terminal is common to both […]

Transistor Models and Parameters

Transistor Models and Parameters: T-Equivalent Circuit – Because a transistor consists of two pn-junctions with a common centre block, it should be possible to use two pn-junction ac equivalent circuits as the Transistor Models and Parameters. Figure 6-9 shows the ac equivalent circuit for a transistor connected in common-base configuration. Resistor re represents the BE […]

AC Load Line of BJT

AC Load Line of BJT: AC Equivalent Circuits – Capacitors behave as short-circuits to ac signals, so in the ac equivalent circuit for a transistor circuit all capacitors must be replaced with short-circuits. Power supplies also behave as ac short-circuits, because the dc supply voltage is not affected by ac signals. Also, all power supplies […]