Common Collector Circuit Analysis

Common Collector Circuit Analysis: In the Common Collector Circuit Analysis (CC) shown in Fig. 6-28 the external load (RL) is capacitor-coupled to the transistor emitter terminal. The circuit uses voltage divider bias to derive the transistor base voltage (VB) from the supply. The transistor collector terminal is directly connected to VCC, no collector resistor is used. […]

Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit

Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit: Consider the Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit circuit shown in Fig. 6-17. When the capacitors are regarded as ac short-circuits, it is seen that the circuit input terminals are the transistor base and emitter, and the output terminals are the collector and the emitter. So, the emitter terminal is common to both […]

Transistor Models and Parameters

Transistor Models and Parameters: T-Equivalent Circuit – Because a transistor consists of two pn-junctions with a common centre block, it should be possible to use two pn-junction ac equivalent circuits as the Transistor Models and Parameters. Figure 6-9 shows the ac equivalent circuit for a transistor connected in common-base configuration. Resistor re represents the BE […]