Radar Beacons

Radar Beacons: A Radar Beacons is a small radar set consisting of a receiver, a separate transmitter and an antenna which is often omnidirectional. When another radar transmits a coded set of pulses at the beacon, i.e., interrogates it, the beacon responds by sending back its specific pulse code. The pulses from the beacon, or […]

Doppler Effect in Radar

Doppler Effect in Radar: The apparent frequency of electromagnetic or sound waves depends on the relative radial motion of the source and the observer. If source and observer are moving away from each other, the apparent frequency will decrease, while if they are moving toward each other, the apparent frequency will increase. This was postulated […]

Pulsed Radar Systems

Pulsed Radar Systems: A Pulsed Radar Systems is generally required to perform one of two tasks: It must either search for targets or else track them once they have been acquired. Sometimes the same radar performs both functions, whereas in other installations separate radars are used. Within each broad group, further subdivisions are possible, depending […]

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