Fiber Optic Testing

Fiber Optic Testing: The Fiber Optic Testing focuses primarily on the processes and equipment used during and after the installation of fiber optic cables and their associated equipment. The Fiber Optic Testing is performed by the engineer or technician to guarantee acceptable performance standards. Splices must be tested for optical clarity. They must not exceed […]

Fiber Losses

Fiber Losses: Energy losses and signal degradation in Fiber Losses can be attributed to a variety of causes, some of which have been mentioned previously. To add to this list: 1. Light scattering (Rayleigh Scattering) is caused by imperfections in the fiber. It affects each wavelength differently and can be stated as 1/4λ. This scattering […]

Optical Fiber Classification

Optical Fiber Classification: The Optical Fiber Classification of light transmission through a glass fiber depend on many factors, for example: The composition of the fiber The amount and type of light introduced into the fiber The diameter and length of the fiber The composition of the fiber determines the refractive index. By a process called […]