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Energy Efficiency Definition

Energy Efficiency Definition: Energy Efficiency is available in various forms from different natural sources such as pressure head of water, chemical energy of fuels, nuclear energy of radioactive substances etc. All these forms of energy can be converted into electrical energy by the use of suitable arrangement. In this process of conversion, some energy is […]

Unit of Energy

Unit of Energy | Fundamentals of Energy: The capacity of an agent to do work is known as its energy. The most important forms of Unit of Energy are Mechanical energy, Electrical energy and Thermal energy. Different units have been assigned to various forms of energy. However, it must be realized that since mechanical, electrical […]

Different Types of Energy Sources

Different Types of Energy Sources: Since electrical energy is produced from energy available in various forms in nature, it is desirable to look into Different Types of Energy Sources. These Energy Sources are : The Sun The Wind Water Fuels Nuclear energy Out of these sources, the energy due to Sun and wind has not […]

Electrical Energy Definition

Electrical Energy Definition: Electrical Energy Definition states that energy is the basic necessity for the economic development of a country. Many functions necessary to present-day living grind to halt when the supply of energy stops. It is practically impossible to estimate the actual magnitude of the part that energy has played in the building up […]