Category: Basic Consideration for Design of Circuit Breakers

Design of Current Carrying Capacity Systems

Design of Current Carrying Capacity Systems: The Current Carrying Capacity Systems of a circuit breaker consists not only of electrical conductors but also of mechanical devices like springs which do the dual job of passing the current as well as making and breaking contacts. In designing Current Carrying Capacity Systems it is, therefore, necessary to […]

Insulation Design of Circuit Breaker

Insulation Design of Circuit Breaker: Insulation Design system of a circuit breaker requires solution of the following problems: Choice and calculation of the various clearances to be provided between the live parts and the dead parts in a circuit breaker. Calculation of voltages that will appear across each of the gaps in a multibreak system. […]

Basic Design of Arc Extinction Chamber

Basic Design of Arc Extinction Chamber: The considerations for design for the Arc Extinction chamber used in oil circuit breakers and air-blast circuit breakers would naturally be different. As far as the oil circuit breakers are concerned, the design of the arc extinguishing chamber would involve: Calculation of the arc voltage at various instances of […]