Silicon Bilateral Switch

Silicon Bilateral Switch: It might be convenient to think of a Silicon Bilateral Switch (SBS) as an SUS with a gate terminal, or as a low-current TRIAC. However, the SBS is not simply another four-layer device. Silicon bilateral switches are actually integrated circuits constructed of matched transistors, diodes, and resistors. This produces better parameter stability than […]

Silicon Controlled Rectifier Principle Operation

Silicon Controlled Rectifier Principle Operation: Silicon Controlled Rectifier Principle Operation (SCR) consists of four layers of semiconductor material, alternately p-type and n-type as illustrated in Fig. 19-1(a). Because of its construction, the SCR is sometimes referred to as a four-layer diode, or a pnpn device. The layers are designated p1,n1,p2, and n2, as shown. There […]