Construction of Optical Fiber Cable

Construction of Optical Fiber Cable: The manufacture and Construction of Optical Fiber Cable are somewhat complicated: In simple terms, a highly refined quartz tube that will eventually be filled with a combination of gases (silicon, tetrachloride, germanium tetrachloride, phosphorus oxychloride) is selected to start the process. This tube, about 4 ft long and about 1 […]

Television Horizontal Deflection Circuit

Television Horizontal Deflection Circuit: The function performed by these circuits is exactly the same as already described for the vertical deflection circuits. There are some practical differences. The major one is the much higher horizontal frequency. This makes a lot of difference to the circuitry used by the horizontal oscillator and amplifier. Another important difference, […]

Monochrome Television Receiver Block Diagram

Monochrome Television Receiver Block Diagram: Monochrome Television Receiver Block Diagram as shown in Figure 17-9, TV receivers use the superheterodyne principle. There is extensive pulse circuitry, to ensure that the demodulated video is displayed correctly. To that extent the TV receiver is quite similar to a radar receiver, but radar scan is generally simpler, nor […]